Customer Testimonials


9/3/2016I have been a client of Rachelle for at least 4 years and she is a constant in my life. Not only that my toes look beautiful and my feet are smooth, but she takes good care of me from a health and well being perspective. Because of her, I went to the doctor, who discovered a tumor and I had toe surgery. Rachelle is a joy and has the power of positivity. 


9/6/2016I have been going to Rachelle for over 3 years and can't say enough great things about my experience with her nail services. If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing, and clean mani/pedi service she is the one to see. 


10/17/2016Rachelle is fantastic, and yes I know guys shouldn't openly talk about getting their nails worked on, but I must when it is worth it.

A bit of back story is warranted.... 11 years ago, my wife first went to see Rachelle at Nordstrom in Seattle, and subsequently I begrudgingly had my first manicure.  To my delight, she was a lovely lady who was both thorough (still best and most consistent) and a genuinely good person to spend time with.  Though we moved away 8 years ago, we lucked out to learn that she had moved down to the Atlanta area.  

Highly recommend seeing her if you are on the north side of town. And GUYS... Having your nails trimmed perfectly and buffed makes a bigger impression than you realize.  Don't rock an awesome suit and have nasty nails. 


8/30/2016I have been receiving services from Rachelle for a little over 4 years now! She is always extremely professional and takes great care in providing high quality work. My services with her range from a basic mani/pedi to more elaborate spa manicures and pedicures. She has also done body art for me. Although I visit other places from time to time, I keep coming back to Rachelle. She's definitely my all time
favorite esthetician!!! 


9/16/2016Rachelle has been giving me pedicures for over two years.   I am willing to drive a little farther and pay a little more for quality service.  Rachelle comes from spa experience and it is evident.  She does a great job, she is mindful of cleanliness and she uses good products.

Highly recommend Rachelle's nails! 


9/9/2016I have been seeing Rachelle for 4 1/2 years now for my manicures and pedicures.  She is efficient, professional, and a joy to be around!  Highly recommend her!