Rachelle Adams Nails in Sandy springs

Rachelle Adams

 Rachelle Adams says she ‘stumbled’ upon the nail  industry about 30 years ago—but what her unique expertise and  professional nail care skill reveals is that she really discovered her  destiny. Trained as an Nail technician and with more than 20 years of  nail care experience in spa Nordstrom , also with Deborah Lippmann the  manicurist to the stars, Rachelle has launched her own personal care  nail service, “Rachelle Adams Nails.”    

She  loves that she’s able to give private, one-on-one service in a mini spa  atmosphere, providing tailored service to customers—and they are quite  satisfied. One of the reasons is because unlike most nail salons,  Rachelle Adams Nails is more interested in the appearance of your  natural nail than the latest nail styles and uses “3-free” polish for  your best nail health. Offering Basic and Spa Manicures as well as  Classic and Spa Pedicures, another plus is that Rachelle’s client chair  is antigravity and extra comfy.   

If  you’d like personal, professional nail care from a seasoned expert in a  relaxing atmosphere, Rachelle Adams Nails is the place for you. Vogue  and Vanity Fair magazines, Beyoncé, Don Cheadle, Elisabeth Röhm, Ben  Vereen, Lou Rawls, Cedric the Entertainer and even the Queen of Norway  are just some of the elite and famous who have enjoyed Rachelle’s nail  care. You should too. 

Business Hours

Tue - Sat: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM                     
Sun - Mon: Closed    

Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas                

Please note that we try our best to  accommodate our clients' schedules with our extended hours. However, in  order for our technicians to provide you with the quality service you  deserve, we recommend that clients give us at least one hour before  closing time for most services.